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December 6th, 2004

07:48 pm - Big Wave Daves Xmas Trees!
Last Friday night was my first night working at the tree farm! Today I worked and saturday i worked! I have made over $200. Its so much fun! I have to talk the people into buying the dang tree, and I have to know all the facts and info on each type of tree. Then I have to take their tree over to the cutting area, cut it, nail and stand on, and clip it a lil bit. The trees are kinda heavy but I'm gettin some muscles! I feel so strong! grrr! lol. Theres this one dude thats like 2o that works there and he chants, "Hercules, hercules, Hercules!" When I'm carrying a tree. Its so funny. Ok so then I have to take the tree to the cash register and ring the people up, then i take their money! muahaha! Ok then I usually net the tree in the netting machine. Then I carry the tree out to their car and I tie it on the top of their car! Then most of them tip me $2-$20 dollars. The nice ones tip $20! lol. I sold over 40 trees on saturday and made over $50 in tips. Then I made $90 because I get payed 10 bux an hour! whoot whoot! But i deserve every sent I make! Its hard labor and I do it all without complaining! Also one of my fav parts is when business is slow so all the emploees sit around with a hot drink and we talk about our days and about people we met selling trees. Its fun, we laugh alot, and I feel like I'm working at a real busneiss, which i am, but it feels nice. They kinda feel like family now, i know all their names and there all nice to me.


*^*^*^*^*19 Days until Xmas!*^*^*^*^*^*^*
Current Mood: crazyI am prdering pizza!
Current Music: Creed- Last Breath

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November 27th, 2004

06:42 pm - Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving wasnt too shabby... the food was really really really good, but my sis got really sick, so we've been going to the hospital lots. I dont really feel like talkin about it, so bye! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: exanimatehehehe FUZZY!
Current Music: Cat In The Hat (an awesome mooovie!)

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November 17th, 2004

05:18 pm - DUUUUUDE!
lol, i havent written in here in like a week or something! woahhhh! urrr well, lets see.... I broke my toe on sunday... so i dont have to do P.E.! whooo hooo! Um and its just a normal school week, nothing amazing happened. Uhh i laughed alot? i guess i can say dat! lol theres really not much to say. I did alot of shoppin with perro and amy. But dats it! Oh yeah I have an ASB meetin tomorrow! fun fun... they are boring and yaaaa! Ok i am gunna go now! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: hungryI AM GUNNA EAT U!!!!
Current Music: The nurse talkin about somethang!

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November 13th, 2004

03:22 pm - Last USVL Game!
I was kinda sad... because this was our very last game with my team the Sassy Spikers... but when I got there I saw a camera dude with a mic... he was going to film us playing...

So we started the game we only had 3 people on my team (me, Katilyn, and Seirra.) But we were the sassy spikers! Un-defeated! We knew we could do it. So we played our first game... won it! We played our second game.... won it! And then our third game it was a game agnist Perris's team. They only had 3 people too, so there coach played on there team. So it was The 3 "sassy spikers" agnist the 3 "Fab 4" plus there coach! I didnt think it was fair that the coach was on their team. But then we started playing, and the coach stunk it up! lol! I served right at his face and he yelled. it was so funny! But anywayz we ended up winning the game! Then we realized... thats it. No more volleyball practice with them anymore. No more games on saturday mornings. No more. It was over, thats it, no more volleyball with those same great people. I was kinda sad, but I didnt want everyone else to feel sad too. So i put on a smile and yelled "CRABS!" for the very last time with those people. (Crabs is an inside joke with my team.)Together as a team we all walked over to the area where they were handing out medals. We got our medals and then, nothing.... we finally knew its all over. No more. But then as i grabbed my bag to get ready to leave, I remeber I brought a much of sharpie markers!!!!!!!!!! So I handed them out and we all started signing each others jersey's and volleyballs. It was so much fun. Oh yeah and when we were signing everything the camera guy was filming us, he said its great footage for the movie. He was fillming us for a volleyball movie. So anywayz we all got each others sn's and phone numbers and we are gunna keep in touch. Its not so sad anymore. But i mean, the seasons over! thats sad! lol... ok I g2g my grandparents are here and they need to be talked to! bye bye bye bye bye! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: Old People Laughing

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November 6th, 2004

02:19 pm - My Volleyball game...
This mornings game was really fun! We played 4 games agnist 2 different teams. We lost 2 and won 2. But the very last game was the best one. I did alot of good serving. But the last point of the game I made and I spiked it! It was so awesome. (lol Perris is yelling at me online right now...) hehehe. uhhhhh yea but I am glad we won th last game, because it gave us a good feeling to go home with. Well I REALLY need to go to the mall today, but I guess Perris dosn't wanna go cuz she has plans with some other chick. OK Well I g2g call some people! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: distressedPerris is mad...
Current Music: Mr. Cab Driver- Lenny Kravtiz

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November 4th, 2004

05:56 pm - $100 Reward
Well the other day I go t my report card, my mom and dad flipped out cuz I got a C in math. Its not like its failing or anything. But I understand they have high expectations for me. So as a motivation for me in algebra, my parents said if I get a A- or higher in Algebra they will give me $100 dollars in cash. So today in Algebra, I actually listened! lol... well I listened before, but now I REALLY listened. And today after school I actually studied for tomorrows quiz! I have never studied for a math test! lol... I actually understand it now. I didnt really before, but now I do!!! And its all because my parents are gunna give me $100 dollars. Good motivation, huh? lol I'll tell you how i did on the test on monday, because thats when I find out the results! Cross your fingers!!!! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: geekyI'm a math nerd! lol
Current Music: eww lifetime!

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November 3rd, 2004

06:19 pm - Halloween Night!
I forgot to write, but I will start with Halloween day! At like 5:00pm Perris and I got dropped off at the movie thearte and we saw THE GRUDGE!!!!! BOO! lol! I was really afraid to see it, because everyone at school that saw it said it was the scariest movie they have ever saw! I took 2 big sweatshirts and i hugged them the whole time during the movie! But i kept waiting for a really scary scene to happen... but nothing happened that really scared me... then the movie was over and i was like, "THATS IT!?" Everybody freaked out over nothing, it wasent that scary! I mean there were 2 scary parts that i screamed at! lol! But then we went home and ate and got ready for trick or treatin! yay!!! Well we went trick or treatin and it was fun! Then I came home and passed out candy to the lil boogers! hehe.

This past week has been filled with only 2 words, "Bush and Kerry!" I say BUSH ROCKS!!!! And apprently most of America does to, because he got re-elected! 4 more years! 4 More years! 4 More years! yay!!!! I was so happy!!!! Well I gotta go chat with some peoples online!!!!!!! BUH BUH BYE! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: crazyGO BUSH!!!
Current Music: Fox News- Talking about politics!

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October 31st, 2004

09:15 am - Happy Halloween!!!
Today is Halloween! I can't believe it. I have been excited for halloween to come, but now that its here I wish it was next week, because I dont want halloween to be over! But Christmas is coming!!! My favorite holiday!!!! YAY! ok well I still have to carve my 2 pumpkins. We got alot of dry ice so we are gunna put it in a couldron on the front porch and i'm gunna prolly scare lil kids. I am gunna sit still on the porch and then when someone walks up i will go AHHHHH!! and hopefully they will be scared! lol! I am also trick or treating with Perris and her cousins! This might be interesting! hummmmMMmmMMmMMMmMMmMmMmmm lol... ok well nobodys online, so i think i'm gunna gooooooooo! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: amusedOMG I LOOOOVE THIS SONG!
Current Music: Fall To Peices- Velvet Revolver

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October 30th, 2004

05:01 pm - You Decide 2004
You think it happens by magic.
You think it happens without sacrifice.
You think It would be better in the hands of an liberal.
They say they have plans, then tell us, what are your plans?
I know you want to deny all that I am expressing.
Think with your brain, not your heart.
Your heart is the route to your emotions.
Your brain is the path to reality.
I'm not stirring up ashes that have already fallen.
Just expressing what I feel.

I see how the world would end up like.
If our nation was ruled by them.
We would be paying more than we would need to be.
We would cowardly wave the white flag to Iraq.
Our freedom would be stretched thinner and thinner each decision made.
The Red Alert would be risen sky high.
Crimminals that they say are innocent would run the streets.
Thats how I would imagine our nation to be if they were sworn in as our leaders.

The nations leader should not sit down, when America needs to stand strong and be heard.
Our money will stay to be our own.
No white flags will be waved, but only the stars and stripes.
Insted of freedom fading, it will be bright and strong.
Our fears will be minimized one day.
People will rightfully be prosecuted and convicted.

Sooner or later you'll have to make a decsion.
Their slogan says, "A Stronger America"
I think a cowardly America is more like it.
America can't forfeit, they cant quit.
When the going gets tough, think of...

Bush or Kerry
Conservative or Liberal
Right or Wrong

You have to pick one, so decide...
It's the card game of life....
You get dealt with two leaders...
You pick the best of the flop...
You lay down your card down and hope you chose the right one...
Did you win, did you lose?
The pot is big, are you willing to gamble this all?

You Decide 2004

By: Hannah Frances Stadler

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01:24 pm - My Halloween Party!
I dunno if i told ya'll but I have been planning my 2nd annual halloween party for like a month. But anywayz Last night was my halloween party! It was so much fun! But first I gotta tell you what happened thursday night! My mom and I went driving to LA it was scary cuz like theres bums everywhere. So yeah I had my pepper spray and I was ready for anything lol! So anywayz we drove to La to pick up my friend Kelcie. It was so cold in LA it was like 56 degrees. So anywayz I havent seen her in a year so it was weird. She looks the same, just taller and older. She still acts the same, which is surprising because I would think she would act different because she has new friends and yeahhh. So on the drive home, we caught up with whats new in our lives and what new sports we play. We listened music and we found out we have the same taste in music still. When we got home I showed her around the house because we remodeled alot since last year. She met my bird named Dude. She likes him alot! lol. Then we went online and talked to people. Then it was like 11:00pm so we watched tv and then I took a shower and then by the time it was 12:00am we went into the motorhome and went to sleep. Then I had to wake up early in the morning to go to school! I was so tired! So I went to school and the whole day i was thinking about the party! Then during 6th period I was watching the people get out of PE, then I saw Amy outside my class. I waved and then I saw Kelcie and My mom with them! I fell outta my chair and was said, "whoaaa!" it was weird seeing Kelcie at my school! Mr Mittleholtz looked at me and everyone started laughing. Then I was smiling and I said, "sorry someone outside scared me!" lol... OK then....

After school! This was so stressful I was ready to kill someone if they got in my way! Ok well we had ONE HOUR UNTILL THE PARTY STARTED! I had to take Keclie and Perris to the mall to get gifts for the gift exchange for the party. I got a pretty pearl heart necklace and so did keclie! We are matching! Yeah so then it was 3:30 (30 minutes untill the party started!) Then we had to go get dry ice for the party and we didnt know where the store was to get it. We were looking everywhere then my dad called and said he found it, so we left and hurried home! I had 20 minutes to order 4 pizza's and decorate as much as I could! It looked REALLY good. Spider webs and pumpkins EVERYWHERE! The food was cool too. We had a spider cake. and my mom made good SALSA! haha. I cranked up the music and Kelcie and I ran to my room to get our costumes on! We had 10 minutes! I rushed but I gotta admit my costume looked really good. By the way i'm princess barbie if i didnt say that in here. Anywayz i was really glittery! uhhhhhh yeah so people started showing up. The pizza got here so we ate and then we had our gift exchange. 2 people at my party that will remain un-named made me feel bad at the party. I'll tell you why... because during the gift exchange you can steal gifts from people, like thats the rules of the game. And it was my turn so either I could unwrap a present or steal a present from somebody. So I was looking around, and I was thinking of stealing with thing from *beep* and she said, "Hannah dont take this from me, you're really rich you can buy it yourself." Then I was thinking of taking the 10 dollars from *beep* but they said, "Yeah Hannah your rich, you dont need 10 dollars!" So I felt like crap-ola! I just unwrapped a present and acted like i didnt care. After the gift thingy ma bobber we started to walk over to Elmhurst Elementry School for the Harvest Festival. We got there and I saw edwin hwang and so i pointed him out and all the chicks freaked out! I was like, "oh brother!" lol. So like 5 girls hung out with him most of the time, which bugged me, but I didnt let that bother me from having fun! So I walked around with keclie, Emily, and Melissa and we played games and contests. I won the costumne contest for "Most Creative Contest." But I think I only won cuz Mr. Dilbeck was the judge. lol! We had alot of fun, I dunno about the girls that hung out with Jay and Edwin, because all they did was stand there and talk. But then we left at 7:00pm and went to my house and we turned off all the lights in the house and we started prank calling people!!!!!!!!!!! This was like the best part of the night! I am the queen of prank calling! shhh dont tell anybody! So we called like everyone in my phone book (cell phone), then we went to maggys phone book (cell phone), and called people. I did a chineese voice and I would say, "YOu order Pizza? I know you did!" It was funny I called nate and did that and he said, "I already got my pizza, thank you." Then I asked him what kind of toppings and he said, "The usual!" lol! Then it was 8:00pm and people started leaving. A few people stayed untill 9:00-9:30... Then at like 10:00pm it was just me, my mom, Kelcie, and Perris. This is when it was REALLY fun! I called some people (that I will not name) and I "opera sang to them!" everyone was cracking up, my mom was laughing so hard she cried! Perris had to laugh in a pillow because she was so loud. Also I "opera talked" to people. Oh yeah then my moms friend is friends with the DJ guy at B95.1 the radio station. So she called and told the guy to be expecting a call from the opera queen named Hannah. So I called into the radio station and he said, "is this Hannah?" I said yeah. So I opera sang for him and then Perris, Kelcie and I all yelled "Trick Or Treat, we love B95.1!!! WHOOOO!" And they put us on the radio. It was funny!

Perris left at around 11:30 and then Kelcie and I went into the motorhome and watched Viva la Bam! Yeah then we went to sleep at 1:00am. Then I had a volleyball game this morning and I kicked butt! We are still undefeated! Also I sprained my ankle! haha... yeah so bye! XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: excitedmy ankle hurts!
Current Music: Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train

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