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Decemberness - Hannah

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December 26th, 2005

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09:51 pm - Decemberness
Well I haven't written. Well actually, I haven't typed in this thing in forever. So i think I will start back up again.

Xmas was good. We baked all day, then at 11pm my mom and I went to church. I disliked it very much. Christain preists have weird things to say. I was baptized Lutheran. But I believe I am atheist or agnostic. I got lots of good gifts on xmas. Like a new stero/dvd 5 disc stero system. Oh and a coach purse. And lots of gift cards and what not.

Yeah so um HS vball season is over. So now I'm playing club. It's pretty good. I have to run all this week for conditioning for it.


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