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Geebers! - Hannah

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May 20th, 2005

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12:07 pm - Geebers!
Dang I haven't written in this thing forever!!! Ummm well lets see schools almost out and I have a D- in my math class so today we took a math test that is worth 60% of our grade!! So I have to get at least a %70 so i can raise my grade to a C, I think I did really good though! Volleyball is awesome! Its like my life! I play OH (outside hitter) and my nickname is "The Flea" because i jump so high like a flea and i spike the ball in the other teams face! muahaha! Practices have gotten more intense, everytime a ball hits the ground we have to run a lap, 16 sprints, or 40 crunches and pushups. This weekend I am going to some weird country concert, I dont really wanna go my parents are making me go and plus we get free STEAKS!! Cuz its a sit down concert with food. (Dierks Bentley is the dude thats the country ho-downer!)Then tomorrow I have a tournament (vball) and we probably have playoffs which means its going to be a 12 hour tournament or longer. BEcause we wake up at 5am and get home at around 10pm ish. Then sunday before the country ho-down I have to do this N.A.M.I. walk its (N)ational (A)lliance for the (M)eantally (I)ll. Its like a 6 mile walk along the beach and its to raise money and it costs $100 per person!! it sucks! Can I just give them the money and not walk?? I have to do it because my dad is a cop and he's in charge of the the gang and mentally ill deparment or something like that and so it would "look good" if his whole family did it to raise money! But.... yesterday i went to the gym and I hurt my ankle lifting 140 pound weight with my leg (its a machine called the BUTT BLASTER!!!) and anyways it hurt my ankle so now i can barley walk! I dunno how I'm going to play in my tournament either.... fudge! But at least it might be able to get me out of the 6 mile NAMI walk... Oh and Amy and I were going to take a Yoga and Spinning class this weekend but I dont think thats going to happen! Ugh this sucks! My weekend is going to be so busy! And Perris and I were supposed to do something with Courtney and some other people on Sunday! FUDGE!!!!!! Ok Well I better go, oh wait nevermind I have 10 more mins until the bell rings (FYI: i'm at school, and thers nothing to do so I'm writing in this thing since theres nothing else to do.) Uggghhhh I'm not excited for this weekend! I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow! grrrrr!! Dude theres some stupid movie playing in the classroom and its annoying turn it off!!!!! Its loud and has classical music and its bugging me it makes me want to type faster. Classical music makes me want to type faster I have no idea why. ggggrrrr! Good thing lunch is in like 5 mins i'm starving! OMG my leadership class is coming!! G2G they are already back from the field trip! I'm glad I didnt go! hahahaha ok bye!!!

Current Mood: annoyedgrrr this weekend!!
Current Music: Some classical music

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