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WOW! - Hannah

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February 22nd, 2005

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06:39 pm - WOW!
I havent written in like FOREVER!!! Well umm what shall I say? Xmas was great! But forget about that its already Feburary! I just got my upper ear pierced on like thursday or friday...!! I'm soooo happy i have been wanting it for like 4 years! Also i have been polishing up on my guitair skillz! lol urmmmm! Oh yes I made the vball team #1 I think i have already said that like months ago, but I have been having tournaments and their awesome! I'm improving alot! Today I had practice and I learned 2 new skills that will defentely help me more. Its also been raining here a bunch! LA broke their rain record we're in 4th place now! whoot whoot! I love the rain, but lots of people are dying from mudslides and stuff! My hands are cold brrrr!!! hmm i dunno what else to say! Oh yes i got new shoes! OLD SCHOOL HIGH TOP CONVERSE lol!! to keep my ankles warm during this fierce weather! grrrrr!!!!!! Alrighty well I'm gunna go I have nothing else to say! My bdays coming up too! lol MARCH 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: crazyCRAZY TRAIN!! hehe
Current Music: My mom talking about throwup & flem!!! EWW!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!

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