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Spanglish... - Hannah

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December 17th, 2004

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10:41 pm - Spanglish...
Today was REALLY boring, well up untill 2:00pm. I woke up at like 7:30am and turned off my alarm clock. I declared to my family, "I'm still sick, i'm not going to school!" So I went back to sleep and woke ack up at 11:00, and i thought to myself, haha everyones in third period! "I DONT HAVE TO DO PE!" lol So then I put on my lovley A&F boxers (cuz ya know i sleep in da nude! lol jk) and went out to the living room and layed on the couch with a blankie and watched ELF for the second time in 2 days, i just love that movie soooo much! Then I got really bored, and I was thinking to myself, I wonder how everyone at schools doing. The two parts I hate about being sick is, felling sick, and MISSING SCHOOL! It bugs me, because I'm afraid I'm gunna miss a great moment at school, or my friends are gunna make an inside joke without me!! lol. PLus I always have to make up bunches of homework!

After elf I got one of my fav xmas DVD's "The Grinch" and watched that! Thats also an awesome movie. Notice how i watched xmas movies? Well I dont feel very xmassy this year, so i'm trying to get into the holiday spirit! After that movie, I got up and played Halo 2 for a half-hour. Then it was time to get dressed for school. I really wanted to go to school for 6th period, to say bye to all my friends because today was the last day of school until after xmas break. Plus I wouldnt see my good friends until after i got back from utah! oh yeah... I also wanted to get my candy grams... lol! Anywayz i got 5 candy grams, from: Melissa, Emily, Shannon, Amy, and Mickayla.(Perris failed to get me one because she claims she's broke, so i "failed" to get her one... perris get a job!) hehehehehe. Anywayz when i got out of 6th period i saw perris and she looked shocked that i was at school, so were alot of other people in my 6th period class, they were all, "omg hannah where have u been!?" i never knew people cared! lol. Then i saw melissa and Emil and they came up to me and hugged me! Its so nice to get a hug, people dont hug me cuz i'll kick there butt! lol jk... maybe its because i'm fat!?!?!?!? lol hahahaha! um ok then uhhh i went home and stayed on the computer with my boxers on alll day!

Then I recieved a phone call from meli and emily, they said, "we're at the movies wanna come!?" since i was feeling better i asked my mom if i could go and she said, "ya man!" So i had like 10 mins to get ready and when i got there we got sodas and popcorn and we sat allllll the way at the top of the sitting area ma bobber. Like the whole movie we were talking because it was a kinda boring movie, but it was also funny. The ending was sad, it could have been better. Emily i think was kinda mad the whole time, but meli thinks emilys mad at her not me. We dont know why she's mad, yet. Emily and MElissa were laughing at me most of the time because i wa sreally hyper, because i drank a whole coke and had a bunch of sugar coated candy!!!!!! So i would start laughing at a sad part and i would start calling adam sandler a rabbit. hehehe! he looks like a rabbit! lol! But anywayz we had alot of fun! After the 2 hour movie that almosty made me fall asleep, we went to meli's house and went on the computer. Then my mom came and picked me up and we showed meli and nena my moms new lexus, they liked the cooler and the vibrating seats! lol! ok i gots ta go talk to meli and perro!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 Days untill I leave to Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8 Days until xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 HOURS until my Coach purse arrives on my front porch!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: touchedJoyful and Jolly!!!
Current Music: fa la la la la... la la la la!!! MERRY XMAS!

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