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First CIVBC practice! - Hannah

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December 10th, 2004

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03:41 pm - First CIVBC practice!
I got to the ventura college gym and I saw my new team. I forgot what they looked like, but now i know almost half of their names. Alot of the people on my team and ditzy, which will make me fit right in! lol. Theres another Hannah on my team, and it bugs me cuz whenever someone sez Hannah I look and its not for me. And then if they say Hannah I ignore them cuz I think there talking to the other Hannah, but they are really calling me. Its confusing i know. But we did alot of stretching, running, and drills. LOTS OF DRILLS. I dont mind, because it keeps us in shape and makes us better players, but I cant wait until we play a real game. The only thing i am having trouble with is the rotation, because its different than what i learned. This is more "efficent" and "confusing." lol. Well Janee' (my coach/best friends sis) and Jacki (best friend/coach's sis) are going to help me with the rotation. Oh yeah we practed diving flat onto the floor and I did it fast but it hurts. But we had to drop and slide then get back up really fast. My back hurt very bad that night lol. eww this song is weird! "Pocket Knife-JP Harvey" who the heck is that?anywayz i have practice next thursday at vc (7:00) be there or be square! No seriously dont come, cuz i know u peoples would make fun of me. Ok ya well tonight is my stupid piano recital, meli and emily are prolly going, because they wanna emmbarrass me! lol! I am playing "Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin" So Meli and Emily are gunna make signs that say GO HANNAH! and when my songs over there gunna stand up and yell rock on!!! lol its gunna be funny cuz everyone's prolly playin xmas songs or classical songs, and i'm playing a rockin song! lol. Oh yeah and today in class I was text messaging amy, and i must have pressed a wrong button cuz my phone started ringing and everyone looked at me and started laughing! I whispered, "TURN AROUND!" because if mr. m saw them lookin at me he would know it was my phone! lol good times... after school everyone was like, "What was that!" hehe. Well I gotta go practice for my stupid, boring, and uhh yaaa recital! XoXo-HaNNaH (a.k.a uhhh I need a nickname, seriously)
Current Mood: mischievousim gunna get u and ur lil dog!
Current Music: Cryin- Aerosmith

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Date:December 11th, 2004 04:47 am (UTC)


i hope you did well hannah! sorry i couldn't go but my parents wouldn't let me beacuse i had to take care of my sis. but..... ROCK ON, hehe well i got to go work on a repot for mr.mittelholtzs! :( well talk to you later buddy!

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