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We were da fuzz! - Hannah

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December 7th, 2004

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05:55 pm - We were da fuzz!
This morning me and perris were coppers! my dad took us to school in his police car and like right before we got to school i was like CRAP! and my dad said, "What did u forget?" i forgot my pe clothes... lol! So my dad turned around and it was 10 mins before the late bell rang, so my dad was speeding, it was so fun. I was his co-polit, so when we were on a 2 way street i had to say clear for the left side of the road, i felt so IMPORTANT! lol. But i gues i didnt do a good job at it, cuz my dad kept saying, "UR SLOW!" So i ran into my house and i looked everywhere for my PE clothes then i looked in the washer, and sure enough there they wer. All soaked in water! So i said w/e and took them. So they were all gross and wet! but they smelt like yummy soap! lol. I really didnt want to wear them wet in PE, so i borrowed my friends PE clothes and i wore my jacket. Today it rained, and i felt very xmassy! I didnt work today because my mom dosent want me to work in the rain! fart! well this sat i HAVE TO WORK! its gunna be the busy-iest day of the month! OH yeah! this friday i have a stupid piano recital, I DONT WANNA GO! so *cough cough* i might be sick on friday lol. XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: contentda fuzz
Current Music: The Merriest- June Christy (some xmas song)

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