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December 26th, 2005

09:51 pm - Decemberness
Well I haven't written. Well actually, I haven't typed in this thing in forever. So i think I will start back up again.

Xmas was good. We baked all day, then at 11pm my mom and I went to church. I disliked it very much. Christain preists have weird things to say. I was baptized Lutheran. But I believe I am atheist or agnostic. I got lots of good gifts on xmas. Like a new stero/dvd 5 disc stero system. Oh and a coach purse. And lots of gift cards and what not.

Yeah so um HS vball season is over. So now I'm playing club. It's pretty good. I have to run all this week for conditioning for it.


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October 10th, 2005

09:06 pm - Wowza!
I haven't been to this thingy in like 6 months. Or I dunno how long. I'm in high school now at Buena! Whooo I;m on the Freshmen team for vball and high school is awesome. I still suck at math and I'm in German and drama. I'm getting A+'s in both of those classes, because i'm amazing! Anywho I probably won't write in this thingy for like another 6 months so yeah, Peace!

Current Mood: tiredI'm on Tylenol PM
Current Music: ummm nothing

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May 20th, 2005

12:07 pm - Geebers!
Dang I haven't written in this thing forever!!! Ummm well lets see schools almost out and I have a D- in my math class so today we took a math test that is worth 60% of our grade!! So I have to get at least a %70 so i can raise my grade to a C, I think I did really good though! Volleyball is awesome! Its like my life! I play OH (outside hitter) and my nickname is "The Flea" because i jump so high like a flea and i spike the ball in the other teams face! muahaha! Practices have gotten more intense, everytime a ball hits the ground we have to run a lap, 16 sprints, or 40 crunches and pushups. This weekend I am going to some weird country concert, I dont really wanna go my parents are making me go and plus we get free STEAKS!! Cuz its a sit down concert with food. (Dierks Bentley is the dude thats the country ho-downer!)Then tomorrow I have a tournament (vball) and we probably have playoffs which means its going to be a 12 hour tournament or longer. BEcause we wake up at 5am and get home at around 10pm ish. Then sunday before the country ho-down I have to do this N.A.M.I. walk its (N)ational (A)lliance for the (M)eantally (I)ll. Its like a 6 mile walk along the beach and its to raise money and it costs $100 per person!! it sucks! Can I just give them the money and not walk?? I have to do it because my dad is a cop and he's in charge of the the gang and mentally ill deparment or something like that and so it would "look good" if his whole family did it to raise money! But.... yesterday i went to the gym and I hurt my ankle lifting 140 pound weight with my leg (its a machine called the BUTT BLASTER!!!) and anyways it hurt my ankle so now i can barley walk! I dunno how I'm going to play in my tournament either.... fudge! But at least it might be able to get me out of the 6 mile NAMI walk... Oh and Amy and I were going to take a Yoga and Spinning class this weekend but I dont think thats going to happen! Ugh this sucks! My weekend is going to be so busy! And Perris and I were supposed to do something with Courtney and some other people on Sunday! FUDGE!!!!!! Ok Well I better go, oh wait nevermind I have 10 more mins until the bell rings (FYI: i'm at school, and thers nothing to do so I'm writing in this thing since theres nothing else to do.) Uggghhhh I'm not excited for this weekend! I have to wake up at 5am tomorrow! grrrrr!! Dude theres some stupid movie playing in the classroom and its annoying turn it off!!!!! Its loud and has classical music and its bugging me it makes me want to type faster. Classical music makes me want to type faster I have no idea why. ggggrrrr! Good thing lunch is in like 5 mins i'm starving! OMG my leadership class is coming!! G2G they are already back from the field trip! I'm glad I didnt go! hahahaha ok bye!!!

Current Mood: annoyedgrrr this weekend!!
Current Music: Some classical music

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February 22nd, 2005

06:39 pm - WOW!
I havent written in like FOREVER!!! Well umm what shall I say? Xmas was great! But forget about that its already Feburary! I just got my upper ear pierced on like thursday or friday...!! I'm soooo happy i have been wanting it for like 4 years! Also i have been polishing up on my guitair skillz! lol urmmmm! Oh yes I made the vball team #1 I think i have already said that like months ago, but I have been having tournaments and their awesome! I'm improving alot! Today I had practice and I learned 2 new skills that will defentely help me more. Its also been raining here a bunch! LA broke their rain record we're in 4th place now! whoot whoot! I love the rain, but lots of people are dying from mudslides and stuff! My hands are cold brrrr!!! hmm i dunno what else to say! Oh yes i got new shoes! OLD SCHOOL HIGH TOP CONVERSE lol!! to keep my ankles warm during this fierce weather! grrrrr!!!!!! Alrighty well I'm gunna go I have nothing else to say! My bdays coming up too! lol MARCH 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: crazyCRAZY TRAIN!! hehe
Current Music: My mom talking about throwup & flem!!! EWW!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!

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December 30th, 2004

03:59 pm
Here are some pics from my xmas vacation in Utah....





Current Mood: coldbrrrrrr its cold!!
Current Music: da sink

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December 20th, 2004

12:26 am - Utah Here I come!
Well Today I'm leaving for utah! well more like tomorrow, but its 12:27 am so technically today. We have to wake up at 8:00am and pack then leave. (well i already packed) Ugh 8 is early for me, i wake up at like 11 every morning! Well first i'm going to las vegas, then UTAH! We're staying at treasure island the hotel. Its a four **** star hotel! hehe http://www.treasureisland.com/pages/index_flash.asp ok i g2g to bed BYE!!!!!!!
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: My daddy's XBOX

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December 17th, 2004

10:41 pm - Spanglish...
Today was REALLY boring, well up untill 2:00pm. I woke up at like 7:30am and turned off my alarm clock. I declared to my family, "I'm still sick, i'm not going to school!" So I went back to sleep and woke ack up at 11:00, and i thought to myself, haha everyones in third period! "I DONT HAVE TO DO PE!" lol So then I put on my lovley A&F boxers (cuz ya know i sleep in da nude! lol jk) and went out to the living room and layed on the couch with a blankie and watched ELF for the second time in 2 days, i just love that movie soooo much! Then I got really bored, and I was thinking to myself, I wonder how everyone at schools doing. The two parts I hate about being sick is, felling sick, and MISSING SCHOOL! It bugs me, because I'm afraid I'm gunna miss a great moment at school, or my friends are gunna make an inside joke without me!! lol. PLus I always have to make up bunches of homework!

After elf I got one of my fav xmas DVD's "The Grinch" and watched that! Thats also an awesome movie. Notice how i watched xmas movies? Well I dont feel very xmassy this year, so i'm trying to get into the holiday spirit! After that movie, I got up and played Halo 2 for a half-hour. Then it was time to get dressed for school. I really wanted to go to school for 6th period, to say bye to all my friends because today was the last day of school until after xmas break. Plus I wouldnt see my good friends until after i got back from utah! oh yeah... I also wanted to get my candy grams... lol! Anywayz i got 5 candy grams, from: Melissa, Emily, Shannon, Amy, and Mickayla.(Perris failed to get me one because she claims she's broke, so i "failed" to get her one... perris get a job!) hehehehehe. Anywayz when i got out of 6th period i saw perris and she looked shocked that i was at school, so were alot of other people in my 6th period class, they were all, "omg hannah where have u been!?" i never knew people cared! lol. Then i saw melissa and Emil and they came up to me and hugged me! Its so nice to get a hug, people dont hug me cuz i'll kick there butt! lol jk... maybe its because i'm fat!?!?!?!? lol hahahaha! um ok then uhhh i went home and stayed on the computer with my boxers on alll day!

Then I recieved a phone call from meli and emily, they said, "we're at the movies wanna come!?" since i was feeling better i asked my mom if i could go and she said, "ya man!" So i had like 10 mins to get ready and when i got there we got sodas and popcorn and we sat allllll the way at the top of the sitting area ma bobber. Like the whole movie we were talking because it was a kinda boring movie, but it was also funny. The ending was sad, it could have been better. Emily i think was kinda mad the whole time, but meli thinks emilys mad at her not me. We dont know why she's mad, yet. Emily and MElissa were laughing at me most of the time because i wa sreally hyper, because i drank a whole coke and had a bunch of sugar coated candy!!!!!! So i would start laughing at a sad part and i would start calling adam sandler a rabbit. hehehe! he looks like a rabbit! lol! But anywayz we had alot of fun! After the 2 hour movie that almosty made me fall asleep, we went to meli's house and went on the computer. Then my mom came and picked me up and we showed meli and nena my moms new lexus, they liked the cooler and the vibrating seats! lol! ok i gots ta go talk to meli and perro!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2 Days untill I leave to Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8 Days until xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16 HOURS until my Coach purse arrives on my front porch!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: touchedJoyful and Jolly!!!
Current Music: fa la la la la... la la la la!!! MERRY XMAS!

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December 16th, 2004

08:11 pm - Lots of stuffo!
Well last friday like i said was my piano recital. I survived! But the thingy started at like 6 and we were supposed to get there at 5:45 so that we can get in the "choir seats" like on the stage. So i got there and it already started, so I had to run up on the stage thingy and go sit down everyone was laughing quietly. lol. But when I was up there, I was so nervous, because my parents were expecting me to do REALLY good. But I just told myself reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax you're gunna do fine! Then when it cmae time for me to go up, i was like uhh "pass!" lol no i got up and slowly walked down to the piano... I was so nervous and my hands were shaking!!! But i began to play the song and i just told myself, "its like playing at home." so i blocked out the audiences noises and just played! Then when it was over, the clapping was really loud, and i felt like smiling, but i didnt want to be cocky. lol. After the recital I grabbed my moms car keys while she was talking to some other parents and i got into the car and cried. Not like sobbing crazy-ish-ly... but just quiet tears. I cried because I felt that my dad thought I didnt play the song well enough. Ummm lets see the rest of this week...

Oh i found out that we're laving to Utah for xmas this upcoming monday! I'm not that excited to go, because I LOVE having xmas's with the Stadlers and i love Ventura! But the last time I had a white xmas in utah was like 5 years! But those xmas's was when only Shelby and I were the only grand children at my gma and gpas. But this year its gunna be me, shelby, sophie (my lil cuz), Elle (my other lil cuz), and Jackson (my other other lil boy cuz) So its gunna be different. But at least I get to go skiing and snowboarding... ahh i'm gunna be hurtin... (i always fall.) hehe But i'll have computer access on vacation, cuz my gma has a computer, so i'll go on ai and send emails to all ya'll! Dude i'm gunna have a white country xmas! YEEE HAAAAWWWW! lol, i might even get to play with cows in the snow! dude thats my dream... I LUV COWS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehhe!

Oh yeah! today i didnt go to school or club practice cuz i am deathly ill! haha jk nahhh i just gotta lil cold! Its the dang santa annas that did it to meh! Well I gotta go watch CSI with my mama! *kisses*


P.S. I bought a SUPER cute coach purse today!!! YAY!!!! hehehe

*~*~*~*~9 Days Untill Xmas! ~*~*~*~*
*~*~*~*~1 Day untill xmas Break!!~*~*~*~*
*~*~*~*~3 Days Until I leave Sunny Cali!~*~*~*~*

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December 10th, 2004

03:41 pm - First CIVBC practice!
I got to the ventura college gym and I saw my new team. I forgot what they looked like, but now i know almost half of their names. Alot of the people on my team and ditzy, which will make me fit right in! lol. Theres another Hannah on my team, and it bugs me cuz whenever someone sez Hannah I look and its not for me. And then if they say Hannah I ignore them cuz I think there talking to the other Hannah, but they are really calling me. Its confusing i know. But we did alot of stretching, running, and drills. LOTS OF DRILLS. I dont mind, because it keeps us in shape and makes us better players, but I cant wait until we play a real game. The only thing i am having trouble with is the rotation, because its different than what i learned. This is more "efficent" and "confusing." lol. Well Janee' (my coach/best friends sis) and Jacki (best friend/coach's sis) are going to help me with the rotation. Oh yeah we practed diving flat onto the floor and I did it fast but it hurts. But we had to drop and slide then get back up really fast. My back hurt very bad that night lol. eww this song is weird! "Pocket Knife-JP Harvey" who the heck is that?anywayz i have practice next thursday at vc (7:00) be there or be square! No seriously dont come, cuz i know u peoples would make fun of me. Ok ya well tonight is my stupid piano recital, meli and emily are prolly going, because they wanna emmbarrass me! lol! I am playing "Stairway To Heaven- Led Zeppelin" So Meli and Emily are gunna make signs that say GO HANNAH! and when my songs over there gunna stand up and yell rock on!!! lol its gunna be funny cuz everyone's prolly playin xmas songs or classical songs, and i'm playing a rockin song! lol. Oh yeah and today in class I was text messaging amy, and i must have pressed a wrong button cuz my phone started ringing and everyone looked at me and started laughing! I whispered, "TURN AROUND!" because if mr. m saw them lookin at me he would know it was my phone! lol good times... after school everyone was like, "What was that!" hehe. Well I gotta go practice for my stupid, boring, and uhh yaaa recital! XoXo-HaNNaH (a.k.a uhhh I need a nickname, seriously)
Current Mood: mischievousim gunna get u and ur lil dog!
Current Music: Cryin- Aerosmith

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December 7th, 2004

05:55 pm - We were da fuzz!
This morning me and perris were coppers! my dad took us to school in his police car and like right before we got to school i was like CRAP! and my dad said, "What did u forget?" i forgot my pe clothes... lol! So my dad turned around and it was 10 mins before the late bell rang, so my dad was speeding, it was so fun. I was his co-polit, so when we were on a 2 way street i had to say clear for the left side of the road, i felt so IMPORTANT! lol. But i gues i didnt do a good job at it, cuz my dad kept saying, "UR SLOW!" So i ran into my house and i looked everywhere for my PE clothes then i looked in the washer, and sure enough there they wer. All soaked in water! So i said w/e and took them. So they were all gross and wet! but they smelt like yummy soap! lol. I really didnt want to wear them wet in PE, so i borrowed my friends PE clothes and i wore my jacket. Today it rained, and i felt very xmassy! I didnt work today because my mom dosent want me to work in the rain! fart! well this sat i HAVE TO WORK! its gunna be the busy-iest day of the month! OH yeah! this friday i have a stupid piano recital, I DONT WANNA GO! so *cough cough* i might be sick on friday lol. XoXo-HaNNaH
Current Mood: contentda fuzz
Current Music: The Merriest- June Christy (some xmas song)

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